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DESCO Gauze Swabs
ITEM No Dis- 1 (Cat. No. D-MD 2011 )

White/Blue/Green/Light green , With blue/black
 X-ray , Without X-ray , Folded edges/No folded edges
Size     5cm¡Á5cm-8/12/16ply , 7.5cm¡Á7.5cm-8/12/16ply , 10cm¡Á10cm-8/12/16ply

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DESCO Abdominal Pads
ITEM No Dis- 2 (Cat. No. D-MD 2012 )

Cotton Gauze 21's/19
Cotton Gauze 32's/19
 Cotton Gauze 40's/19
White/Blue/Green , With /Without X-ray , With/Without tape
20cm¡Á20cm , 25cm¡Á25cm , 30cm¡Á30cm , 40cm¡Á40cm , 45cm¡Á45cm ,60cm¡Á60cm-8/12/16/32ply

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DESCO Gauze Ball
ITEM No Dis- 3 (Cat. No. D-MD 2013 )

Cotton Gauze 40's/24
 Latex free , With /Without X-ray
2/3/4/5/6 cm Non sterile packing: 100/200/250/500pcs per polybag

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DESCO Gauze Roll
ITEM No Dis- 4 (Cat. No. D-MD 2014 )

Cotton Gauze 21's/12
 Cotton Gauze 32's/12
 Cotton Gauze 40's/12
 White/Blue/Green , With /Without X-ray
91cm¡Á5m , 91cm¡Á91m , 91cm¡Á100m , 91cm¡Á1000m , 120cm¡Á1000m , 120cm ¡Á 2000m
1Roll/Pack , 1Roll/Zigzag pack
Non sterile

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DESCO Paraffin Gauze Dressing
ITEM No Dis- 5 (Cat. No. D-MD 2015 )

Cotton Gauze , Light/Normal/Heavy loading 10cm¡Á10cm , 10cm¡Á40cm , 10cm¡Á7m
1pc/pack , 10pack/box , 10boxes/polybag , 10polybags/ctn , 10pcs , 36pcs/tin , 100tins/ctn

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