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Autoclaves-High Pressure
DESCO Double Wall Autoclave with vacuum
(Cat. No. D-AU 2011)

  • Top end model for seterilization of all critical application with exact reproducibility
  • Unique double wall design
  • Heavy duty jacket
  • Fully automatic operation
  • p based PID controller with dual display for Temp. & Time
  • Pre & Post Vacuum available
  • Excellent performance in drying
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DESCO Laboratory Autoclaves Semi Automatic Series
(Cat. No. D-AU 2012)

  • p base PID controller with dual display for Temp. & Time
  • Unique pedal free design
  • Reduced loading height
  • No hinge or shaking lids
  • Fully SS 304 construction
  • 30 PSI models also
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DESCO Portable Autoclave Semi Automatic
(Cat. No. D-AU 2013)

  • SS Seamless depressed deep drawn chamber
  • p based PID controller with dual display for Temp. & Time
  • Fully SS construction
  • High pressure high vacuum option
  • Dual safety valves
  • Unique shape heater of outer SS tubing
  • Food grade silicon rubber gasket for better durability
  • Specially designed heater for optimum chamber usage
  • Calibrated temperature-cum-pressure gauge
  • Colour coded monitoring gauge
  • SS Safety valve
  • Vacuum breaker to remove air pockets in the chamber
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DESCO Gas cum Electric Autoclaves
(Cat. No. D-AU 2014)

  • First time in India
  • Energy operated LPG operated autoclave
  • Biggest advantage where electricity is a major problem
  • Steam can be generated by LPG or Electricity
  • Vacuum drying available
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DESCO Table top front loading Autoclave
(Cat. No. D-AU 2015)

  • Table top front loading autoclave
  • Fully Automatic micro-processor based control
  • Sterilization chamber made up of thick stainless steel sheet, tested for high pressure
  • Digital timer for both wet and dry cycle
  • Auto drain of water to reservoir tank & also condensation of steam
  • Alarm after the total command is completed
  • Cycle time 10-15 minutes
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DESCO Horizontal Sterlizer
(Cat. No. D-AU 2016)

  • GMP Compliant
  • Semi automatic operation
  • Pressure switch control
  • High pressure high vacuum option
  • Low water level cutoff
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