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Chair Unit
DESCO Chair Unit (Cat. No. D-OP 8011)

  • A Multi Functional Unit For Comfortable Usage By Ophthalmologist Providing Optimum Utilization and Patient's Comfort.
  • Occupies Minimum Space and Provides Refraction /Examination in One Unit. , With Hands on Control Panel for Overhaul Lamp, Slit Lamp Auto Referactometer, Ophthalmoscope / Ratinoscope, Chair Elevation & Auxiliary Outlet, This Versatile Unit has effortless lateral movement.
  • The Chair can be rotated 180° Around Vertical Axis with an Electrical Input.
  • Can Be Locked at Any Position.
  • The Elegant Smooth and Noiseless Chair Can Receive Up to 180°Through Motioned Movement Converting it into Minor Surgery Table.
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