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DESCO Interferential Therapy Unit
(Cat. No. D-PE 1011)

The unit has multivector scan facility. This IFT machine consists of 2 channel for shifting output from channel I to channel II

Specification :

Medium Frequencies : 2 KHz and 4 KHz
Base AMF : 0 to 150 Hz
Sweep AMF : 1 to 100 Hz
Intensity Control : 0-100 MA continuously variable Intensity
Balance Control: To equalise 2 channel Currents
Digital Intensity Control: Shows output current in MA
Timer : 0-15 minutes & auto cut off Spectrum
Programmes : 7 programmes Constant Linear - 3/3S , 6/6S Trapezoidal - 2/12/1S , 4/2/4/2S Non Linear - 3/3S , 6/6S
Therapy Modes : 4 Pole Interferential Therapy 4 Pole Multivector Interferential Therapy 2 Pole Premodulated Therapy
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