Beam Splitter & CCD Camera 
 Medical Equipment's Stand 
 Surgical Microscope (Cold Light)  
 Slit Lamp Max  
 Trial Lens Set  
 Chair Unit  
 Indirect Ophthalmoscope
 Slit Lamp Stepper Magnification  
 Slit Lamp Stepper Z Magnification 
 Video Colopscope
DESCO Lensmeter Cat. No. D-OP 1011)

Movement Of Optical Tubes
  • Horizontal - Adduction + 50
  • Abduction - 40 Vertica l- Hyper 30 Hypo 30
  • Torsional - Incyclo 20 Excyclo 20
  • Slide Illumination - Rheostat Controlled 12V Lamp for Each slide.
    After Image Illumination by 12V Lamp (For Better Illumination)
  • Auto Flashing - Auto Flashing Of Slide Illumination Either Simultaneous or Alternate in Paid &Variable modes.
  • Mode & Mode Selectio - Five modes of slide illumination namely NORMAL FLASHING RIGHT FLASHING LEFT.
  • FLASHING R+L & AUTOFLASHING, can be selected by a single selector knob.
  • Standard Accessories - A set of slides containing 9 Pairs power Cord. Dust cover .
  • Two spare bulb 12
  • Optional Accessories - Instrument table ( Motorized) Manual table haidinger brushes
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