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Neonatal Resuscitation
DESCO Neonatal Resuscitation (Cat. No. D-BCE 6011)
Micro Computer Temperature Controller
  • PID (proportionate integrated derivative) based micro processor technology assures accurate maintenance of set temperature with internal accuracy of 0.01C
  • User friendly on-board temperature calibration with feather touch keys
  • User friendly feather touch control with interactive confirmation of input actions
  • Key-pad lock facility to avoid accidental changes of any set parameters
  • Safety alarms and voice overs along with high temp. cutoff
  • Watch Dog facility Auto-Resets the System during hangups due to power fluctuation
Heater Box
  • Ceramic Infra Red Heater with higher power output and more durability than any tubular silicon quartz glass heaters
  • Swivelling source box to take X-ray
  • Temperature Resistant Design of heater box keeps exterior surface cool even after continuous use
  • Stainless steel reflector and heater grill for complete cleaning of heater & reflector without any electrical shock hazards
Halogen Examination Lamp
Appropriate illumination to assess infant colour during procedures

Baby Cradle (Stainless Steel)
  • Easy access of an Infant from all sides due to clear acrylic collapsible side panels
  • Acrylic Baby Tray for infant's head Up / Down facility
  • Provision for positioning X-Ray cassette
  • Thick cushion mattress
Essential Attachments
Instrument Tray, Pole for Infusion Pump & IV Stand

Attachments for Neonatal Resuscitation Unit
Oxygen Regulator, Flow Meter, Humidifier Bottle, Manual Silicone Resuscitation Bag with 2 Masks, Oxygen Tubing, Place to keep Oxygen Cylinder.

Inline Manometer
To monitor pressure delivered by Resuscitation Bag.

Electric Suction with 2 Autoclavable Bottles and Regulator.

Laryngoscope with 0 & 1 straight blades, ET Tubes with Slip Joints and Stylet, Silicone Airways.

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