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Oxygen Therapy Equipment
DESCO Oxygen Therapy Equipment (Cat. No. D-AN 1311)
The Regulator has a factory preset fixed static outlet pressure of approx. Once the flowrate has been set, the regulator will automatically maintain a constant flow rate irrespective of changing volume of cylinder contents. If the oxygen line distal to the regulator should be blocked, the regulator automatically prevents the build up of an excessive pressure in the apparatus and tubing between the outlet of the regulator and the obstruction. 

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DESCO Oxygen Therapy Equipment ( Fine Adjustment Valve With Rotametre and Humidifie ) (Cat. No. D-AN 1312)
Product Specification
* Chrome plated brass body.
* Powder coated metla knob.
* Pressur egauge 3000 kg/cm2.
* Humidifier bottle MI (Poly carbonate)
* Flowrate calibrated in 1 Litre instalments between

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DESCO Oxygen Therapy Equipment ( Back Pressure Compensated Flow Meter Complete with Humidifier & Regulator ) (Cat. No. D-AN 1313)  

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DESCO Oxygen Therapy Equipment( Oxygen Pipe Line Flow Meter with Humidifier Bottle ) (Cat. No. D-AN 1314)
Product Specification
Chrome plated brass body. Unbreakable humidifier bottle of 200ml. (Also available in plastic/nylon body). 

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