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Student Microscopes
DESCO Student Microscope (Single Nose)
(Cat. No. D-MP 6011)

U Shape base,Monocular stable inclinable body having coarse motion with Rack and pinion,Complete with one Objective 10x and one Eye piece 10x or 15x in Plywood Box. Total Magnification 100x or 150x.

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DESCO Advance Student Microscope Erma Pattern (Condenser Type)
(Cat. No. D-MP 6012)

With triple revolving nose piece,iris diaphragm and fixed condenser,complete with Indian optics,two Objectives 10x,45x or 40x and two eye-pieces 10x,15x in plywood case with lockZ and key.

SP- 5A As above with W.F. Eye piece 10X
SP- 5B -do- Above model can be supplied with superior condenser at extra cost

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DESCO Pheonix Student Field Microscope
(Cat. No. D-MP 6013)

The body of mini Model is Light and Sturdy.It's tube Length is 160mm.The Lenses are High grade optically true lenses to give finest optical performance.The size of Huygenian Eye-piece is 10x or 15x.The Achromatic Objective is 10x.The magnification is 100x or 150x.The presentation is in Cardboard Box.

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