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DESCO Ventilator (Cat. No. D-AN 1811)
  • Adult and Infant are compatible.
  • Operating power source: 85-264,
  • Vac, 50/60Hz, 30 Watts
  • Battery: 12 Vdc,1.2AH/1ea
  • Backup battery capacity:
  • Capacity for 1 hour (typically 2 hours)
  • Charging time: 4 hours
  • Back-up of working parameters for fast operation
  • Service mode for calibration of the pressure sensor
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DESCO Ventilator (Cat. No. D-AN 1812)

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DESCO Ventilator (Cat. No. D-AN 1813)

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With Digital display of Breaths Per Minute, Insp. time & Exp. time
  • Volume Cycled
  • Servo Controlled Tidal Volume, Expiratory Time and Flow Rate
  • Low Driving Gas Consumption
  • Digital Display of Breathing Frequency
  • Electronic Audio Visual Alarm Over Pressure Safety Relief Valve Completely Detachable Patient Circuit
  • Suitable for Operation Theatre, I.C.U., C.C.U & Wards


  • THE MEDIVENT SERVO is a versatile Lung Ventilator specifically designed for use in Operation Theatres.
  • It is Volume Cycled with three main controls for TIDAL VOLUME, EXPIRATORY TIME and FLOWRATE.
  • It can be used with Open Circuit, Closed Circuit, Bain's Circuit or Air-Ether Anaesthesia in Operation Theatres and with usual Non-rebreathing Circuit for long term ventilation in Wards, ICU, CCU, etc.
  • It is driven pneumatically by Oxygen or Air at 60 PSI.
  • It is so designed that the consumption of the driving gas is only a fraction of the Minute Volume.
  • The driving gas does not mix with the patient's inspired Volume.
  • Although it is pneumatically driven, an in - built Solid State Electronic Circuit is provided which continuously monitors the Inspiratory and the Expiratory Time and gives instant digital display of Insp.
  • Time, Exp. Time & Breathing Frequency.
  • It also provides for an Audio-visual Alarm in the event of patient circuit disconnection, low inspiratory pressure, high PIP, low breathing frequency, source pressure failure and subsequently non-functioning of the Ventilator.
  • The Alarm remains operative till the fault is corrected.
  • However, alarm may be silenced temporarily with Mute Switch.
  • The patient circuit with the Bellows Assembly is completely detachable for sterilisation.

  • TIDAL VOLUME: 50 to 700cc.(Child Bellows), 100 to 1200cc.(Adult Bellows)
  • EXPIRATORY TIME: 1.5 to 6 Seconds
  • ALARM: Electronic Audio-visual
  • BREATHING FREQUENCY: 8 to 30 Breaths/Minute
  • SOURCE: 60 PSI. Air/Oxygen
  • PRESSURE RELIEF: 45cm of H20
  • WEIGHT: 15Kgs.
  • FREQUENCY: Electronic Digital Display
  • DIMENSION: 46x26x27 (Cms)

  • Inspiration : Flow Generator
  • Cycling from Inspiration to Expiration : Volume with Pressure Limiting
  • Cycling from Expiration to Inspiration : Time Cycling
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  • It is a simple to use electronic lung ventilator that requires no external driving pressure source.
  • Its operation is micro-controller based and settings are very operator friendly.
  • It is designed for long-term ventilation in wards.
  • It is very portable and has low maintenance.
  • The unit provides for CMV, ASSIST + CMV and SIMV modes of ventilation.
  • Oxygen enrichment is provided through a separate port.
  • The unit has comprehensive alarms and safety features.
  • It also provides for Apnea backup ventilation.
  • The light emitting displays are bright and very easily visible on the panel.
  • Micro-controller based. No external driving gas pressure CMV, ASSIST + CMV, SIMV modes.
  • Variable I/E ratio Apnea backup ventilation Inspiratory Hold for better distribution of gas Can be used in OTs with Circle absorber/Bains Circuit port for Oxygen enrichment.
  • Adjustable airway pressure safety valve Comprehensive alarms .
  • Bright display of parameters Low power consumption.
  • Low maintenance
  • Classification : Flow Generator type
  • Driving source: 220 VAC/battery pack
  • Modes: CMV, CMV + Assist, SIMV Tidal Volume: 50 to 1200 ml
  • Frequency: 6to40bpm(1to40bpminSIMV)
  • Inspiratory time: 0.4 to 3 seconds
  • I/E Ratio: 1:1to1:5
  • Inspiratory hold: 0 to 2 seconds
  • PCV: 10to40cm.H20
  • Apnea backup: Every 4 seconds in case of Apnea
  • Alarms: Patient disconnection, high/low pressure
  • Safety valve: Adjustable: 10 to 60 cm. H20
  • Power: 60 W
  • Weight: 12kgs
  • Dimensions: 41 OX 230X280 mm
  • Inspiration : Flow Generator
  • Cycling from Inspiration to Expiration : Volume with Pressure Limiting
  • Cycling from Expiration to Inspiration : Time Cycling
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