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DESCO Household Gloves (Cat. No. D-SRG 7011)

  • 1 Pair Flocklined Latex Hand Protection
  • Rite Aid extra long cuff, non-slip flock gloves are made of the highest quality blended latex,
  • Sanitized for lasting freshness and hygiene.
  • Patterned palms provide sure grip for glasses and slippery utensils.
  • 20% thicker than standard gloves for reduced wear and increased thermal protection.
  • Anti-bacterial formulation
  • Thicker than most conventional gloves
  • Extra long for turned up cuff,
  • Soft, comfortable lining
  • Built-in deodorant
  • Durable
  • Non-slip
  • Dishwashing
  • Car Washing
  • Oven Cleaning
  • Gardening
  • Other household chores
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DESCO Cleaning GLOVES (Cat. No. D-SRG 7012)

  • 100% Natural latex material
  • 100% Cotton flock lining.
  • Anti-Bacterial Protection.
  • Suitable for general handling and chemical processing in wet condition.
  • Janitorial use
  • Lozenge grip finish for extra grip.
  • Medium size sleeve :380mm and or 660mm in natural latex.
  • Calf of glove must fasten with elastic material onto arm - so no entry of water etc into glove.
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DESCO Latex Surgical Gloves Long Sleeve Sterile (Cat. No. D-SRG 7013)

  • Sterile Size No.7 (Sample 4 units)
  • Sterile Size No.7 (Sample 4 units)
  • Sterile Size No.8 (Sample 4 units)
  • Sterile Size No.8 (Sample 4 units)
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  • Non-Sterile
  • With Powder
  • 100 % Natural Latex Material
  • Packed in box of 100 (50 Pairs)
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DESCO Long Sleeve Rubber Gloves (Cat. No. D-SRG 7015)
  • size medium (Sample 4 units)
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DESCO Polyethylene Gloves (Cat. No. D-SRG 7016)
  • Small, Medium - Non Sterile (Sample 4 units)
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